Witness to Miracles

Witness to Miracles

If you’ve been married as long as I have, sometimes you have to go through some tough times to be reminded why you love your spouse so much.

Living in Minnesota is the same thing. Two weeks ago, we had 8 inches of new snow and I was ready to pack my bags and leave. Today, our backyard looks like this. I am madly, incredibly, heart-throbbingly in love again.

Minnesota Spring is nothing short of a host of miracles. One day, the trees begin to bud. The next day, full-on bloom. Sometimes the speed at which our view of the pond changes is so fast it leaves me breathless. Amazing!

And the sounds: From the silence of a winter snow to the symphony of new life. Canada geese on the pond, honking a raucous warning as they protect their nests from approaching dogs and children, and others of their own kind. A chorus of happy goldfinches every morning, the sweet song of the cardinals at dawn and dusk. The whir of a hummingbird as he comes inches from my head. The high cheep-cheep of baby robins, pink and bald and all-beaks, just fresh from their glistening blue eggs. The cacophony of spring peepers, bullfrogs and tree toads; lasting long after the moon has risen over the pond.

Then last night: The tiny munching sound of a chipmunk under our pallet garden, enjoying a snack of purloined sunflower seeds from the gazebo. Maybe the greatest miracle is that I didn’t go get a live trap and introduce him to a new home miles away.

Dang chipmunks! Without them, Minnesota Spring and I would have a perfect relationship!


3 thoughts on “Witness to Miracles

  1. I will never tire of seeing life unfold in my mind’s eye as I read the words you write – Beautiful! And I love those chipmunks enough for both of us – 🙂

  2. Jane: Then I will be trying to trap those loved chipmunks and bring them to you. We saw the little stinker coming out of the gazebo, and suddenly, I knew exactly what true “chipmunk cheeks” look like!

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