Up With the Sun

My dear husband and I headed to the airport before daylight for his business flight. Light was just breaking as we said our goodbyes. I got in the van and headed east toward morning and home.

In order to go east from the airport, you make a wide swing west and then loop around to the east, the highway running through the Minnesota River Valley nature preserve. As I rounded the curve that directed me due east, dawn broke forth with such a display. The velvety aqua sky was streaked with pink and gold clouds. Serving as a sentinel at the doorway between day and night, a magnificent bald eagle was perched on the top of a dead tree on the edge of the river bank.

I could hear God, sounding amazingly like the chirping voice of our little granddaughter Emma when we stay at her house. “Good morning! It’s good to see you today! I am happy you are here.” I smiled, thankful for the encouragement of the new day as seen through the eyes of this sweet little one.

As my van continued east toward home, day began to age and change from the gentleness of early light. The aqua gave way to a deeper turquoise and the pink and gold to hot pink and blazing orange. Darkness was gone; the sun was now in charge, reminding me that sleep was no longer a good or logical choice. I was wide awake, up with the sun and ready for whatever my day would bring.

OK, God, I’m up! Thank you for the beauty of the morning. Now, what will You and I do with this wonderful day?


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