A Place for Peeps

Peeps are proof that even useless things (99% sugar, 1% whimsy) can become something of substance!

Peeps have always been much maligned at our house.  My kids hated them, even when their friends were eating them by the fistfuls. My son had a special distaste for them that continues to this day. He visibly shuddered at the word Peep!  As for the new Peeps store at the Mall of America?  All we can say is: Really??? 

I was amused when several years ago our local newspaper started a Peeps diorama contest. Now that is something  I can sink my teeth into!  Each year they receive hundreds of entries from all over the U.S. We have enjoyed OlymPeeps. Peeps at the Oscars.  Occupy Minnesota Peeps. The contest has now been copied by the Washington Post and other newspapers around the country.  At least these Peeps make me smile!  And that’s not all bad!  Repurposed Peeps! 

Then today, Pinterest reached out to me (while I was minding my own business, I swear!) through a friend.  Peeps incorporated into floral arrangements. Pink bunnies on skewers in a bouquet of pink and peach gerberas.  Yellow bunny peeps around the inside of a glass vase, inset with a vase full of bright yellow and orange tulips.  How adorable! 

The lowly Peeps have been rediscovered!  There just might be hope for the rest of us mostly useless, bad-for-you “peeps.”  We, too, can be repurposed — surely someone believes in us enough to give us a second chance at being much more than we can imagine.

Happy Easter everyone!


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