Daylight Losing Time

We were at joint 60th birthday parties last night for a wonderful couple who have wonderful friends and family.  She was 60 in January, he turns 60 in 10 days.  He will go in for a bone marrow transplant as early as this week.

As people were leaving, many mentioned the end of daylight savings time, and losing an hour of sleep. When I got home and checked Facebook, it was much the same.  Spring ahead?  People were saying, “I don’t have an hour to give up today.  My week has been so busy!”

Remember when we turned our clocks back? Oh, a few people were grateful for that extra hour. But even among those who expressed thanksgiving for the hour were reminders that, while it was good for the day, we would only lose it in the Spring. 

Yesterday I did not hear anyone say, “But we’ll get that hour back in the Fall.” 

Just before God blessed them with manna and quail, Moses’ friends the Israelites began to grumble loudly (Exodus 16). In fact, some actually suggested they were better off as slaves of Egypt! 

It is human nature to grumble – for many of us it becomes the thorn in our flesh.  No matter how blessed we are, we can only mourn a better time, or worry about what we are going to lose, rather than find gratitude for all we have been given, for what we gain in this life.

And yet, even as our grumblings grow louder, God in His mercy continues to rain down manna upon us.


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