The Joy of Diversity and Learning

I was raised just 10 miles from where we currently live.  When I was a junior in high school, everyone in our school of 1400 students knew the homecoming king.  He was the only person of color in our school.  The only!

I am so glad that our community has changed since those days 40 (gasp!) years ago.  We are much richer for the opportunity to live in a community that celebrates diversity.  Through Bible study, I have gotten to know and love women from Japan, Russia, India, Wisconsin.  (OK, maybe that’s not exactly what I was thinking when I started this blog!)  Each meeting increases my appetite for friendships (and food!) that are more global.  But, as the mom of a kid with disabilities, my leash is pretty short.    

So, when my friend Eileen invited me to sit in on her English as a Second Language Beginners Class last week, I jumped on it.  It was such a joyful blessing and I was able to capture the experience in photos and words for our local online newspaper  I hope you like my story. 

And I know where you will find me as many mornings as I can get away!


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