Letting the dust settle.

On Monday, I cleared the leaves out of our yard.  It felt like a losing battle. Just me and my rake against dozens of trees, what seemed like millions of leaves and a good stiff wind from the north, uh, east, uh, south.  A big whirling wind!

So I got out my secret weapon — the lawnmower.  After raking the front and side yards, I mowed.  Twice.  And then I mowed the backyard, twice. 

We have not had measurable rain for more than 2 months.  Much of the grass has all but disappeared under the big trees.  I mowed a lot of dirt. The whirling wind picked that up just like it all those leaves and added dust to the aspen, oak, maple, linden, pine need storm.   The lawnmower was covered in dust.  My jeans were covered in it.  My feet, my arms.  My face looked like that of a three-year-old after an hour in the sandbox.  When I blow my nose even today, the Kleenex is brown.  Can I get an “ick” here?

It’s raining!  Time to let the dust settle.  Refresh those parched trees.  Renew the grass.  It’s too late for my dried up mums.  And withered tomato plants… And my nose…




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