Memories on a Stick

Uncle Dave and Aunt Erin welcome Nolan David to this world

Even the least creative of us can make memories! 

Just go to the Minnesota State Fair.  We met up with our kids there.  Daughter Shaina was with us, feeling so much better since she has been put on heart medications.  Katie, Chris, Emma (not quite 2), and beautiful Baby Nolan, just 2 weeks old. drove 3 hours.  Dave and fiance Erin, planning a wedding for October, came from Chicago.  Hung out with Erin’s sweet sister Stephanie, soon to be a part of our extended family, too.  Their friend Adam.  And assorted other friends who came and went.

We rode the Skyglider with a joyful Shaina, who loves rides that put her above the crowd.  Nothing like a bird’s-eye view!  Watched Erin gleefully take photos of the harvest display in the Horticulture Building for wedding decor ideas.  Shared in the experience of Emma eat her first Fair roasted corn-on-the-cob and her delight at meeting REAL princesses (Princess Kay of the Milky Way) with real crowns!   Caught new parents Katie and Chris in a stolen kiss.  Delighted in watching Uncle Dave, Aunt Erin, and Stephanie meet Nolan David for the first time and welcome him into their lives.  Gawked at some of our fellow fair-goers (an interesting slice of life), and we shared a bounty of food — some on a stick, some not, and a few things that were actually reasonably healthy.

Most of all we created memories for those of us old enough to remember the fun of the day, and stories for those too young to remember that they can tell as a memory too. Because those who come before us in this life have charge to not let us forget the sweet things. And State Fair memories, when they include family and friends, are some of the best!


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