Beetles and bunnies and mice, Oh my!

We have suffered these last few days with an onslaught of stupid clinic worker-itis.  It seems every conversation I have with a scheduler or nurse at our clinic has resulted in me questioning how good our health care could possibly be if our provider not only hires some of these people but lets them have contact with patients.  It leaves me with a queasy stomach and a dizzy headache.

Suffering comes in many forms.  We have also suffered a summer as victims of critters.

Bunnies have destroyed patches of lawn while burrowing for nests.  My birdbath sits at a 30 degree angle thanks to what we assume was an assault by a thirsty raccoon.  Our linden tree has no leaves on the upper third of its branches.  As has happened to many of the trees in our neighbor, it fell prey to the voracious Japanese beetle throng that invaded our region. 

Our creeping junipers started turning brown early this summer.   A few weeks later, we noticed a “scurry” of activity as a small mouse worked its way in and out of the tangle of juniper branches.  Soon, I realized it was not a single mouse but many merry mice making mighty meals of our shrubs (couldn’t find an “m” substitute for the word shrub!).  A box of D-Con took care of our little furry friends, but they had already taken care of the juniper roots.

Yesterday, I played Lizzie Borden.  I took an axe and gave one juniper 40 whacks, then gave the other 41.  A useful combination of yardwork and anger management (to control my frustration with Health Partners), using an axe comes with my highest recommendation! 

I’m sure turning to prayer would have been equally as effective as the axe in managing my anger, but I would have still had the dead junipers to contend with.  I walked away yesterday with joy AND a sense of accomplishment.  So, even dead junipers (even hungry mice!) can be used by God for good.

Back to the yard to finish the job this morning.  Maybe today I’ll pray while I chop.  God knows there is plenty to pray for.  Starting with thanksgiving for many merry mice.


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