Add an egg

I open my eyes.  Bruce is uncharacteristically eager to get going long before I am up.  I’m guessing it’s not because he’s going back to work tomorrow.

“Where’s the fire?”  I ask, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“It’s after 9, and we have to pack and be out of here at 11,” he says.  I throw on a pair of sweat pants and brush my teeth and we hurry to breakfast, me unshowered, my hair uncombed.

The dining room is deserted.  Shaina turns to me as we get to the buffet counter.  “Uhhhhhhhhhh….” she whines.  Her lip is curled to her nose, which I swear is crinkled up to her eyebrows.  Scandinavian breakfast.  Except … “Oh, look!” I say with false enthusiasm.  “It’s new and improved. They have hard-boiled eggs!  Yum!”

Hoping to entice Shaina, I take a hardboiled egg and the wonderful rye toast (with peanut butter).  But Shaina is not buying it, and she settles for a glass of milk.  I remind myself that we need to have something more than Pop Tarts for lunch.  As I grab a cup of strong black coffee and some cream, I glance at the clock.      

7:10?!  Bruce!  He read the clock without his glasses.  We slow our pace and have a couple of cups of coffee on the deck.   Since we now have a full day for our trip home, we decide to walk out to the point, sans cell phones.  We meet a couple from Texas on the path, who rave about Minnesota scenery.  I apologize for the state shutdown, and they nod sympathetically.  “It’s not your fault.  But it has been kind of disappointing.” 

We make it to the point in less than 10 minutes.  We park ourselves on the rocks to watch the resort wake up from a new vantage point, and to soak up the morning sun.  When we get back to the resort, it’s 9 a.m.  “Hey!” I tell Bruce, “we ate breakfast, enjoyed several cups of coffee, got Shaina to go with us to the point and haven’t lost a minute of this morning!”   

Today is starting well.


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