A Superior Trip

I begin the task of sorting our clothes in duffles for the trip home. Clean, dirty, clean, clean, dirty.  Ah, shoot!  It’s not that much, so I’ll just wash it all when we get home.   A quick swipe of the room to make sure we’ve left nothing behind and we begin the task of hauling everything downstairs.  It takes as long to repack the car as it did to pack it the first time.  I guess we didn’t jettison anything, except for a few hard-earned dollars.

We stop to take one more look at the lake.  Shaina has been asking about boats all morning, and there it comes, looking as if it is magically being pulled out of the rocky point around the cove, like a rabbit from a magician’s sleeve.  A 1000 foot self-loader, on the horizon. I call for Shaina and she begins to jump up and down, then runs to grab the binoculars on the window sill.  “Boat, boat!”  She hasn’t been this excited the whole trip.

The ship makes a turn toward land and I realize it is  headed for Silver Bay, just a few miles north.  So, instead of heading south, we say a quick but very fond “see you later” to Cove Point and head north, again. There we spend the next hour, watching the boat’s captain maneuver the giant steel hulk until he’s cozied the Great Lakes Trader up to the loading dock. The way they manage to finesse those monstrous ships into the docks is a wonder!  And there’s the one last thing we need to check off Shaina’s crayoned “to do” list — SEE BIG BOAT. 

I grab the bottle of Renuzit, spray anything that doesn’t walk, and we earnestly begin our journey home. The sky is clear and it looks like an uneventful ride home.  We stop at the Rustic Inn for lunch where we are absolutely wowed by their sandwiches, soups and amazing pies, and their little gift shop.  Fully sated, both spirit and body, we head south, making two quick stops in Duluth to take photos of the Lake Avenue Cafe, where Dave and Erin will have their evening wedding reception, and Dubh Linn Irish Pub, home of Friday night’s pre-wedding fun and games.

Tomorrow’s a work day, so we get home early enough to prepare for the first day in three weeks that Bruce will be “reporting for duty.” It was a superior trip, but it’s now back to reality.


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