Gypsy moth love

I take one last walk to the rocky point, to take a few more photos, when I am approached by a young man wearing a T-shirt with a huge yellow question mark spray painted on the front.  He is carrying a two-way radio that crackles and pops. 

“I suppose you’re wondering about the little yellow plane flying overhead,” he says.  I glance at Shaina to make sure she’s not eating someone else’s lunch and decide we have a few moments to talk. 

“We noticed it earlier and assumed he’s either taking pictures or spraying for something. I bet you can tell me.”

“We’re controlling the gypsy moth population,” he says.  He points to a small green dot on his shirt, and goes on to explain that they are dropping tiny green plastic pieces (about the width of a toothpick and twice that long) filled with a female gypsy moth pheromone.  These packages, spread over an area, confuse the male gypsy moths who are looking for a little “love” so that they can’t locate the females.  So, it prevents mating for three months, and a gypsy moth mating cycle is destroyed.  He also tells me two additional planes are flying high above the first as airborne spotters, and he is their ground spotter. 

We leave the beach, checking our clothing for the small green dots, which we were assured are not harmful to humans in small quantities. even if we ingest one on a Pop Tart.  I begin to contemplate if there is a possible application of the technology for teenage boys and Congressmen as I pick up the bottle of Renuzit and spray the steering wheel.


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