God morgon!

Filtered sunlight comes through the morning haze as another warm and humid day settles on the Scandinavian Riviera.  We rise out of bed and breathe deeply, enjoying the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks below and the birds calling out their good mornings from the cover of wildflowers and spirea.  This truly is God’s country and I start the day counting my blessings.

We hear on the news that an agreement on the state budget has been reached and the Governor is expected to sign it.   No word on when state employees will be called back to work, but we assume it will take the departments a few days to get things revved up.  Bruce says he will check online later in the day. 

Off to the Scandinavian breakfast we go.  Shaina is a fussy eater, but she loves breakfast so she runs to the buffet, only to stop on a dime and turn to me with an “evil eye.”  Greeting her are two kinds of cheese, rye bread and Ry-Krisp crackers. Dilled cucumbers.  Cubed tomatoes.  A thinly sliced summer sausage.  And herring.

She grabs milk, a package of peanut butter (turning up her nose at the rye bread), and a blueberry muffin, which she doesn’t eat.  We’ll make up for it at lunch.  

We check the forecast (a high of 92 in Silver Bay), pack a day pack, towels, sodas and a few snacks and hit the road, pointing the car northward, as I give my Renuzit air freshener spray bottle a good workout.


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