Body surfing at Temperance River

We arrive at the beach on the Temperance River.  What a feast for the senses!  The water where the river flows into the lake is violet in color, mixing with the turquoise of the lake water.  The morning sun shimmers on the horizon. The scent of fresh water and pines is everywhere.  And while the wind is nearly still, Lake Superior has a mind of her own.  Waves swelling six feet high crash against the rocky shoreline with vigor usually reserved for the gales of November.   Dozens of families are frolicking in the surf, or hanging out on the beach in the sun.  It’s a perfect day.

We dip our toes in the water, amazingly warm for Lake Superior, and focus on our hunt for Lake Superior agates — because that’s what we do when on the North Shore!  We watch the kids playing in the surf, and Bruce warns a couple of them of a semi-submerged rock.   Shaina also keeps an eye on the kids from a perch on a log far away from the water, her head buried in the hood of her sweatshirt.  I can’t help but think of my mom.  “Take that sweatshirt off!  You’re making me hot!”

Bruce decides it’s time to join the kids. Two children, a boy and girl about 11 or 12, are trying to “body surf” but they are diving into the wave, instead of diving with the wave.  Bruce tries to show them the right way but they just can’t get the hang of it and continue to bob and dive into the surf, shrieking and laughing.  An occasional large wave knocks them off their feet and they pop up, breathless and slightly taken aback by the strength of the water.   

Bruce rides several waves just right, and I catch the “money shot” — Bruce coming out of the wave just as it breaks, arms outstretched in a pose that is reminiscent of an Olympic perfect Greg Louganis dive, except that Bruce is horizontal instead of vertical.  Unfortunately, my camera seems to be acting up (wonder why?) and while we each get to view that shot once in the camera review mode, when we try to retrieve it, it’s mystically gone.


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