A picture is worth risking your husband’s life

We decide to drive north to Temperance River State Park.  I have read that the access to the beach is very close to the roadside; good because every state park access is barricaded due to the shutdown.  

We jump out of the van as I give the backseats a quick Renuzit spray, grab our daypack and head for a stairway that will take us down to the beach.  The view is beautiful and I take out the Olympus camera.  The batteries are nearly dead; another reminder that there are some benefits to planning ahead for a trip, no matter how short it will be.   Good thing we always pack the Kodak pocket camera as a backup.  I stop, point and shoot. 

And something tumbles from the railing to the rocks below me.  I take inventory of my jewelry and then realize it might be the camera.  The lens is still attached. … Damn , the door to the battery pack is open.  I peer below.   About 35 feet down, sitting on a rock ledge high above the river, is  my camera battery.  “Damn!” I say, aloud this time.  Shaina turns and starts to head back to the car, wailing, convinced our vacation must be over, or that she was to blame for what just happened.  Or both. 

Bruce hands me his cell phone and wallet.  He climbs below and looks up as I hold my breath, a grin on his face.  “It’s beautiful here!  Wish I had a camera!”  I snap a photo of him with the Olympus, which officially dies with that shot.  After a few deft moves on Bruce’s part and a few gasps from me, he works his way back up the rocks and hands me the battery for the Kodak.  My hero!

Hold your breath.  Install.  Push the button.  It works!  And we get the second shot of the day.  Beautiful!  It’s off to the beach for us.


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