Omen or Ominous

Rain and a poorly-planned stop at the credit union for cash that took us more than an hour out of the way delay our arrival.  We hit 60 mph driving winds and rain near Pine City. The weather warnings on the radio are less warning and more annoying. Yes, we can see it’s windy, and raining buckets! But our timing is perfect; the rain ended just as we reached the 2-lane road construction area. An omen of God’s continued favor!

Or maybe not. It’s still raining when we reach Cove Point, the clouds hanging ominously low with the weight of hot, humid air. We check into the lovely lodge, dodging big, fat raindrops as we unload the van. (Which, by the way, stinks. We will have to explore the source of the smell when we get it all unpacked at home; because now I’m on vacation, so I’ve loaded up with air fresheners, an air spray, and mints to suck on to mask the odor.)

We settle into our spartan, but adequately appointed room, and  head down to dinner. A round of walleye, Mmmmm, Minnesota nice!   In the dining room, I overhear people saying that the legislature has completed 3 of the 9 budget bills to finish the state shutdown.  Bruce tells me to not worry; 6 bills left, and they always get the easy ones done first.

The rain finally ends. We take a quick walk to the beach, then head to Mickey’s Fishhouse (actually a delightful unplugged game room and reading porch) with cocktails, and wait for the fire to burn down enough for perfect s’mores. A dip in the pool and it’s off to snuggle before sleep.  And that’s when we realize there is no air conditioning in the lodge.  In spite of it being much cooler than at home, and in spite of huge windows facing the lakeshore, it’s still hot.


One thought on “Omen or Ominous

  1. You need a Scentsy car freshener!!! I can help you with that. You are an awesome story teller! Love it!

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